The Quality And Value Of Carmex Tools

Carmex, or more correctly Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. has produced precision cutting tools since 1988. Carmex tools are known for their high quality, durability and precision designs that are innovative and effective at getting the job done.

The company itself is located in Maalot, which is in Israel. They also have an independent sales branch in the United States in Wisconsin as well as branches in Germany and Italy. Initially focusing on milling and turning tools, they now offer a full range of cutting tools including thread turning inserts and tool holders. They also provide mill-thread solid carbide tools and spiral mill thread tools. Carmex is a certified ISO, OHSAS and CE company.

Specializing in Mini Chamfer and a Tiny-Tools line, the company has created a specialized niche for their products. While an international cutting tool provider, they are also set up to assist in the custom development of different types of cutting tools for specialized applications for customers around the world.

Tiny Tools

The Tiny Tools line of Carmex tools is designed for applications with a small bore from a diameter of 2.1mm. These tools are typically used in the production of medical devices and for small parts and components in a variety of industries. Not only does Carmex produce the tools but also the tool holders required for use with Swiss CNC lathes and machines.

Mill Thread Solid Carbide

Offering multiple layers of coating for extended life, multiple flute designs for faster machining and one-pass thread generation you will find Carmex tools are used in a wide range of different applications.

They can be used on high speed and fast feed operations and are a general purpose mill thread tool. They are designed to create both right and left hand threads with the same tool, making them a versatile choice.

Indexable Mill Thread

The full line of mill thread indexable cutting tools and holders offered by Carmex are recognized for their versatility and their extended life. The cutting tools and tool holders can be used to create standard or specialized threads and diameters. They fit most threading mill machines, so they are a practical addition to any workplace.

These cutting tools, like the other lines produced by Carmex, come in a full line of standard sizes as well as customized size options. Most of the inserts also feature two cutting edges which allow for single tool pass operations to produce the desired thread.

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