The Installation Process For Dental Implants In Camas, WA

In Washington, dental patients could acquire a more permanent solution to tooth loss. Patients who have lost individual teeth or all their teeth could acquire dental implants to restore their smile. Local dental professionals offer Dental Implants in Camas WA and restoration for all patients.

A Complete Evaluation of the Jawbone

The first objective of installing dental implants is to evaluate the condition of the jawbone and tooth socket. If the jawbone has become weakened, it will not support the titanium root adequately. If this is the case, the dentist must perform bone grafts to strength the jawbone. They may also perform correct services to correct conditions that affect the tooth socket as well.

Creating the Dental Implants

The dental implant is created from a mold of the patient’s natural teeth whenever possible. If the patient has lost a significant amount of their natural teeth, the dentist can acquire measurements of surround teeth to create the implants. Once the implant teeth are ready, the dentist schedules the implantation surgery.

Installing the Dental Implant

The first step of the surgery is to sedate the patient or numb the area of the implantation. Patients who are acquiring more than one implant may need sedation. The dentist installs the titanium roots first. This first step in the process may require a healing time of up to six weeks. The dentist provides a temporary bridge for the patient to protect the roots. This prevents them from becoming dislodged during the healing process.

Next, the dentist installs the implant crowns. They use an abutment to connect the crown to the root. They may use a professional-grade adhesive to secure the crown and seal it off. Additional adhesive isn’t needed after the healing process. The dentist provides after-care instructions for the dental implants to prevent damage.

Washington dental patients may visit a local dental office to acquire complete restoration of their smile. Patients who have lost a significant amount of their teeth have an alternative to dentures. With Dental Implants in Camas WA, they acquire more natural-looking teeth that function like their original teeth. Patients who wish to acquire these implants should contact Lewis Family Dentistry or their Facebook page today.


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