Learning About Wrongful Employment Termination In Springfield, MA

Wrongful termination happens more often than people realize. Victims have several tools to address the issue. First, your termination may have been based on discrimination. If this occurs, a complaint must be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) before filing a lawsuit. EEOC investigates the claim, and if proven they issue a “right to sue letter.” At that point, the victim hires an attorney and pursues a lawsuit. In addition, most employees in this country are at-will employees. This means the employer can terminate people for no reason. However, workers may be protected if they have a contract.

Employers are bound by written contracts. In fact, most contracts have specific language detailing how and why employees can be terminated. Take legal action and a court may enforce the contract. People looking for a lawyer for wrongful employment termination in Springfield, MA should visit Cmolawyers.com. Browse the website and find out how to schedule an appointment. Most lawyers do not handle these cases on a contingency basis. Often, the lawyer charges one fee to try and settle the case. In addition, a company may negotiate if a lawyer sends them a settlement letter. The letter outlines any monies due the employee, and the company may settle. Filing a lawsuit may require a retainer.

Some job terminations violate public policy. For example, one cannot be terminated for doing jury duty. Likewise, military and National Guard officers’ jobs are protected. And it is illegal to fire someone for being a “whistle-blower.” These are people that report wrongdoing going on at their place of employment. What damages are available for Wrongful Employment Termination Springfield MA? People are entitled to any wages lost due to being fired. However, the law ends payments for lost wages on the date an employee gets another job. Further, victims are entitled to damages for lost benefits. An example would be the cost of any medical or dental bills that were paid due to the loss of insurance. Victims are also entitled to recoup pensions and 401K plans. The attorney can ask for damages for pain and suffering. However, the court may not award damages unless the employer acted very egregiously. Consult with an attorney for an honest assessment of your case. Visit website for more details.


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