You Can Benefit from the Help of an Injury Attorney in Miamisburg, OH

Whenever someone is injured because of the direct actions, neglect, or incompetence of another person, the injured victim has the right to hold the other responsible. There is a myriad of injuries that fall under the personal injury title so it is important a person meets with an injury attorney in Miamisburg, OH to determine what type of claim they may have and what the best recourse for pursuing compensation is. With this information, injured victims can learn what they can expect when working with their lawyer.

Pursuing an injury claim in court is sometimes a long process. From the time a person hires their lawyer, the pursuit can take over a year. The first step in pursuing a claim is meeting with the injury attorney in Miamisburg, OH. At this meeting, one needs to make sure they bring in any requested information. If the victim chooses to hire the lawyer, the lawyer will have them sign releases so medical records and other pertinent information can be gathered to use as proof in pursuing the claim.

There are three main methods of pursuing an injury claim. The first is working with an insurance company if the type of injury warrants it. Car accidents, slip and falls, and medical negligence cases may mean an insurance company is the first one to work with in the process. If the insurance company is not fair in their approach, the lawyer has other methods of pursuing the claim and helping a victim receive fair compensation.

Filing a complaint in court can allow a victim to have their case heard before a judge and jury. The lawyer will present evidence to prove liability and the measurable damages that were suffered. In a trial, a jury is the one responsible for deciding the case.

Whether settled with the insurance company, in mediation meetings, or in court, the goal of an attorney is to ensure their client receives a fair outcome. For more information on hiring an attorney, contact Thorson, Switala, Mondock &Snead, LLP. They will help you through each step in the process so your goal of being compensated can be achieved.


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