The Important Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Oxford, MS. in Your Case

When you find yourself arrested and charged with a crime you have to act quickly in your own best interests. The Constitution guarantees you the right to legal counsel. You do not have to face a judge or jury alone.

You also have the right to be a part of your own defense in court. You can build a solid argument and face charges against you competently by hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Oxford, MS to represent you.

Investigating the Crime

Law enforcement is not the only entity that can investigate the crime of which you have been accused. Your legal team has the investigative capabilities to look at the circumstances, review the evidence, and determine whether or not you really committed the crime.

Based on your lawyer’s findings, he or she can then determine whether or not you should take a plea deal or enter a plea of not guilty at your arraignment and trial. He or she can ensure that you face the least serious punishment and, ideally, beat the charges against you.

Your attorney can also make sure that all of your constitutional rights are protected from the time of your arrest until your trial date and beyond. You can learn more about the reasons for why you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Oxford, MS. online. Contact Wheeler & Franks Law Firm PC for more information!


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