Things to Look for with a Local Business Offering Roofing in Rochester, MN

Roofing issues are very important to fix. Whether it’s a small leak, loose shingles, buckling in the plywood, or anything else, these problems are never going to heal themselves; they’re only going to get worse. So for locals around the Rochester area, it’s vital that they seek qualified roofers to fix their issues.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the right quality roofing in Rochester, MN.

Licensed and Insured

While most businesses today are licensed and insured, many are not. Be careful of those discounted services that seem too good to be true. Likely is the case they’re not even licensed to work, which could lead to serious issues, none the least of which is a poor roofing job. Check on that important detail.

Free Estimates

It’s quite common for people desperate for roofing work to hire a business and then be left with a jaw-dropping bill they can barely pay. So it pays to go with a local roofer who’s offering free estimates. Knowing what the price tag will be before hiring a roofer is very important for budgetary purposes.

Ties to the Community

Businesses that are locally owned have a larger stake in the community. They’re not some Johnny-come-lately company swooping in to vulture business; rather, they also live there, they work there, they raise their families there. So they’re a lot more invested in creating relationships and doing great work.

Steve Gentry Construction can be found at, and is your go-to local roofer to handle all your needs in the Rochester area.


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