How California Residents Can Spot Potential Transmission Problems

The Volkswagen is one of the most durable and dependable vehicles available. But even the best vehicle eventually requires repairs or a replacement. This is especially true when it comes to a vehicle’s transmission. If you’re in California, you can get Volkswagen automatic transmission repair in San Marcos, CA. But before heading to the shop, here are some things to consider.

Signs Your Transmission Needs Attention
1. You see the check engine light. Your check engine light is possibly the first warning you get about your transmission. But many people ignore such warning signs. A better idea is to take your Volkswagen to a technician who can find the problem.

2. The transmission is making a strange noise. Ideally, your transmission shouldn’t make any noise. So if you hear something, that’s a big warning sign. If you hear banging, grinding, or rumbling when switching gears, that means it’s time for a visit to the repair shop.

3. The gears slip or the transmission is sluggish. With a manual transmission, you might find that the shifter pops out of gear. Or maybe it just becomes very hard to change gears. Or an automatic transmission might simply slip out of gear during use. This can create a dangerous situation, so it requires immediate attention.

4. There is an undetermined fluid leak. Any time your vehicle leaks fluid, that’s generally not a good sign. If you see puddles or stains underneath your car, seek help to determine the source of the leak. A mechanic can probably troubleshoot this issue faster than you could.

Any of the issues mentioned above could mean problems ahead for your transmission. To get Volkswagen automatic transmission repair in San Marcos, CA, contact Kotter’s VW Service. Visit for more information.


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