The Importance of Wellness Checks for Newborn Puppies and Kittens

Adding a new puppy or kitten to your home can be a very exciting time but it does come with many new responsibilities. How do you know what is the best food to feed your new pet? What is the schedule you follow for vaccinations and regular veterinarian visits? The friendly, knowledgeable staff and the skilled, experienced veterinarians at the veterinarian hospital at Norridge are here and willing to help you every step of the way.

Proper Nutrition and Diet

The right diet and nutrition is vitally important for your pet. They need fresh water, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. By far the most important thing your pet needs is water. Proteins are another very important part, and dogs require much more protein than we do and cats require even more. Fats are essential to your pet’s diet due to the fact that they are extremely high in energy but there must be a proper balance in order to keep your pet is healthy as possible. Carbohydrates are also important but you also need to watch the amount given so that your animal does not become obese. The same holds true for animals as it does for humans, it is easier to gain the weight that to lose it.

Parasites and Vaccinations

Treatments for harmful parasites are available in liquid forms and can be given during wellness checks of your kitten or puppy. Fleas and ticks can also be especially dangerous for young animals because of their small size and fragile systems. Your vet can help you determine what products to use to keep them safe. Your new furry child will also need vaccinations during the first few months because it does not have a functional immune system. The Norridge Clinic affiliated with the Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic has a great reputation for giving animal the best start for care in their lives. Visit for pet vaccinations & other services.


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