When to Call the Vet; Common Signs of Illness

Dogs are part of your family, a best friend, and when they are sick you want them to get medical attention from a qualified Vet. You know when you are sick due to symptoms you may experience, but how would you know when your dog is sick? There are signs and symptoms your dog also will experience, and as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to determine when they are not feeling normal. Sometimes, dogs begin to act weird, and their behavior can be a sign to let know something is not right.

Signs That May Indicate Your Dog is Sick

1. Vomiting

When your dog vomits once and with reason, such as eating something that upset their stomach, there is no need in calling the Vet. However, when they vomit continuously or you are unable to determine the cause of their illness, you want to bring them immediately to the Vet. Vomiting can be a sign your dog is ill and dehydration can occur with too much vomiting which can lead to other complications.

2. Diarrhea

As with vomiting, before bringing your dog to the Vet for diarrhea, try to determine if there is a reasonable cause. But, if they are suffering from constant diarrhea, they should be checked by a Vet to find the cause and receive treatment.

3. Blood in Urine or Stool

Your dog needs to be brought to the Vet as soon as possible if you notice blood in either their urine or stool. This can be a symptom of several different illnesses, such as kidney infection, kidney stones, or their digestive tract might have blood in it. This blood can also be a sign of something minor, such as constipation. Bring in a urine or stool sample to your Vet as well as have your dog examined to determine the cause.

4. Stops Eating

There is more than one reason why a dog stops eating, with one of them being an illness. They might have a mouth or stomach issue if they stop eating altogether. To find the cause and get treatment, bring your dog into your Vet.

In addition to the signs and symptoms above, if you feel your dog is acting different, seek out help from your Vet.

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