Tips For Choosing An Airport Shuttle

There are many ways to get to the airport, but one of the most affordable is a shuttle bus. While some trips may be worth the price of a private car, such as particularly early or late flights, there’s no reason to pay too much for transportation. However, choosing the right airport shuttle service is important. Here are a few tips about how to ensure a smooth, stress free ride to the airport.

1. Online Booking

The ability to get your ticket online will make your experience with shuttles all the more simple. One of the hallmarks of a reliable service is a company that allows passengers to purchase tickets online ahead of time. According to, for example, this major Florida airport is located at the center of many transportation hubs. Therefore, the price of a trip should be common knowledge.

2. Room for Luggage

Make sure you’re dealing with a shuttle service that has ample room for baggage. If a company isn’t on the up and up and is ferrying passengers around in vehicles that are too small for the task, you may end up with your bag in your lap. One of the most important qualities of a good shuttle service is a comfortable ride with somewhere to put your luggage.

3. Guaranteed Punctuality

Obviously the most important part of getting to the airport isn’t necessarily the ride itself, but getting there on time. Be on the lookout for reviews that identify lateness as being a problem with a particular shuttle company. There’s not much point to paying for a ticket, whether on a shuttle bus or for a private car, if you don’t actually make your flight. A good shuttle service will guarantee punctuality and a schedule.

If you’re flying out of Jacksonville and need airport shuttles, make sure to book all your transportation needs with BKCK Transportation Service, a company with a longstanding reputation of excellence. Whether you want to find a shuttle or a private car, this is the place to find your ride.


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