The Direct Vent Gas Fireplace: Choosing The Right Type

Direct vent fireplaces are a product of the 1980s. They are increasingly popular in many North American homes, providing an alternative to standard wood fireplaces. However, like any other product, it can be difficult to decide what type of direct vent gas fireplace is best. By knowing what to look for as well as what to avoid, you can reduce the risk of purchasing the wrong product.

What Are You Looking For?

Fireplaces are much improved over their early models. They now combine the practical with the aesthetic. They offer energy efficiency while enchanting visually with realistic flames. When looking at what is available, be sure you know what is important to you. Consider whether functionality must trump appearances. Know other basic factors such as room size, intended location, and related items before you begin to look at the types of direct vent fireplaces available.

Types of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Once you have the basic info about the direct vent gas fireplace you are considering for your residence; you can focus on the diverse types. Essentially, two basic types of direct vent gas fireplaces are existing. They are:

1. Factory-built aka zero-clearance: If your home has no furnace, this is the most common type chosen to allow you to install one. It is common in new-built homes and as part of a renovation

2. Free-standing designs: This type of fireplace resembles the old and new free-standing stoves.

All offer both advantages and disadvantages.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace: Making the Right Choice

When choosing a model of direct vent gas fireplace, it is comforting to know price don’t exclude functionality and even aesthetic requirements. Modern variations on the original uninspiring models have produced remarkably efficient and effective units while improving on the original sorry-excuses-for flames. By adding accessories, you can further add to the overall look, enhancing certain aspects, or even making it “fun.”


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