Gas Fireplace Accessories: Adding A WOW Factor

Gas fireplaces are very popular. They make a room more comfortable while reducing the heating bill. They are also easy to use. You simply flip a switch. However, they can also be dull or unrealistic. To jazz things up, consider adding certain gas fireplace accessories.


Accessories for gas fireplaces are readily available from retail outlets on and off line. They are rarely practical, the exception being fireplace screens. These offer further protection for children and pets from over hot protective glass. In fact, some items are quite whimsical in nature.

Among the many gas fireplace accessories available on the market are tools. Fireplace tools are not requisite. However, by purchasing a set, you create the illusion of having a real wood fire. You can add a wood basket and other tools.

However, among the most popular types of accessories are those that either replace or ass to the actual gas log component of your fireplace. Among the many options are:

* Glowing Embers: These add realism to the flames burning in the gas fireplace. Placing them on the burner bed enhances the glow

* Cracklers

* Vermiculite granules

* Fireglass: This comes in a variety of colors to brighten the fireplace. They are purely aesthetic and replace the gas log

* Lava Rock: By adding lava rocks to the bed of the fireplace, you can achieve the charred wood remains look. At the same time, lava rocks can increase heat radiation and retention to save more on the energy bills

* Pine Cones and Acorn: These faux objects scattered around the burner pan can add character while hiding such things as remote receivers

Gas Fireplace Accessories

If you install a gas fireplace, why not take it further. Add decorative elements. Make it stand out by adding glowing embers or volcanic rock. Go ahead and create a unit that is uniquely yours using the latest gas fireplace accessories.


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