Ball Valves – Are They the Right Choice?

If you run a wastewater facility or have the need for industrial plumbing, you may want to check out the benefits of Kitz valves. The company makes high-quality ball valves at affordable prices. A ball valve can serve many purposes, and in many cases, they are the right valve for the job. Here is more info on ball valves to help you make the right decision for your company.

How Ball Valves Work

Top of the line ball valves like Kitz valves are simple to use because they only require one-fourth of a turn of the handle. This design makes it very easy to know if a valve is closed or open and in many industrial applications, ball valves perform their jobs flawlessly. But how do they work?

To get a good idea of how Kitz ball valves work, picture a ball with a hole in the middle. Now place the ball inside an area where water flows through the hole in the valve. The ball fits snugly into the valve, and when you turn the ball, so the hole is no longer aligned with the exit path of fluids, it stops the liquid flow. Move the ball back into its original position, and the flow of liquid starts again.

Ball Valve Benefits

Ball valves can partly control flow within a liquid system. They make good shut-off valves because they are easy to operate and can shut off the flow of liquid to a system quickly and efficiently. Replacing these valves is simple, and they are inexpensive to operate and maintain. Some ball valve types can be taken apart and repaired to further save on maintenance costs. If space is an issue, ball valves are a good choice because they are smaller than many other valve types.


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