The Benefit Of Using Logistics Companies In Chattanooga

Running a business of any size in Chattanooga always poses challenges. When business is expanding, a very real problem can be storing, managing and shipping inventory.

To get around these issues, smart business owners in the area turn to partners to provide their logistics services. These 3PL or third-party logistics companies can offer just bare bones services, or they can offer a full range of services to truly be a partner to allow your business to continue to expand.

There are several benefits to consider, with the choice of logistics companies over building in-house warehousing, inventory management programs, and shipping fleets.

Cost Control

With the use of a 3PL, the company can have a flat rate or a fee per service option for the services the logistics companies provide. This allows for predictable budgeting for the company plus it avoids the high costs and capital investments required in trying to manage these services in-house.

Services to Consider

While the bare bones types offer services of receiving, storage and shipping will be the lowest cost; they typically do not offer all the management features to streamline the logistics management.

Look for services that offer asset tagging for tracking, bar-code inventory control processes as well as full cataloging of the inventory on an ongoing and real-time basis.

Depending on the type of products and goods you will ship, there may also be a need for the warehousing and distribution service to be able to provide an in-house assembly or kitting for deliveries, as well as a variety of different types of last-mile or long-distance delivery and freight options.

Start by reviewing the different 3PL options in the Chattanooga area. Take a close look at services, costs, and reputation before choosing the best match for your business.

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