What To Expect When Hiring A Moving Company In Anniston

As a service provider, customers trust a moving company to know how to correctly move their household contents from the current residence to their new home. In some unfortunate cases, Anniston residents find out too late that the company they hired doesn’t have the experience, training or understanding of the process to safely move their items without damage and without going over the estimate.

There are several ways that anyone in Anniston can ensure they are working with a professional relocation service. By avoiding the common mistakes and errors, you will find a responsible, professional and expert moving company in Anniston, that will make your day easy and stress-free.

Book in Advance

Moving companies only have so many trucks and crews to accommodate moving on specific dates. The first and middle of the month and weekends throughout the year are always busy. The peak time for any moving company is the summer months from early June to late August. If you need to move during those times, plan to book weeks or months in advance.

Know What is Moving

When a quote is provided through an in-person meeting in your home, explain any of the large items that are not being moved. For example, if you aren’t taking a hide-a-bed or a piano, let the representative know.

This will allow a more accurate quote. Be careful of non-binding quotes as they can often be intentionally quoted low to attract business. Instead, look for a binding quote or a not-to-exceed quote that allows you to pay the quoted price or the actual weight on the truck price, whichever is lower.

Expect the moving company to be able to answer your questions and provide you with the services, materials, and supplies you need for the move. If a company can’t keep looking, there are movers out there offering full services for local and long-distance moves.

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