Industrial Pipe Supply – Useful for a Variety of Industries

Industrial pipe supply is a supply that encompasses piping for a variety of industries including the construction, oil and gas, and water industries. Industrial piping refers to the system of pipes that are used to transport fluids, gasses, and liquids from one place to another. This type of industrial process piping can be manufactured many different ways and is available in a variety of materials, most commonly plastic and steel.

Types of Industrial Piping and Their Applications
There are many different types of pipe that suit a large range of applications, commonly used for moving semi-processed and raw materials for the refining process. Industrial pipe supply and in-line components, like fittings, valves and flanges, can be made from material such as fiberglass, wood, steel, glass, plastic, aluminum, as well as concrete or copper.

Carbon steel pipes have a wide range of industrial uses. They are typically used for low pressure transport of gas, oil, air steam, water, and a variety of other fluids. This type of pipe is typically used in systems for buildings, machinery, irrigation and sprinkler systems, as well as water wells.

Stainless steel pipe and special alloy pipe is available in a variety of types and grades, each serving a unique purpose. Type 304 stainless is a common type of industrial piping, but it is not compatible with applications where temperatures are between 800 and 1640˚F, so other grades of stainless steel are available to suit these applications.

Other types include tubing for general corrosion resistance for chemical applications, pressure pipe, sanitary tubing for food and other sensitive product industry applications, as well as mechanical tubing and aircraft tubing which is heat and corrosion resistant. Special alloy pipe is available to strengthen certain traits of the steel for a variety of applications where regular stainless isn’t compatible.

Plastic Pipe
In addition to steel pipe, plastic pipe like PVC, CPVC, and high density polyethylene, is also used for moving drinking and waste water, slurries, gases, heating and cooling fluids, and is also used in vacuum system applications. Industrial pipe also includes piping used for water wells and piping used for oil drilling and conveyance.

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