The Advantages Of Installing A Waterless Urinal System

The cost of water has risen significantly over the past decades. In the United States, it continues to grow. In states such as California, water saving measures have included restricting the amount of fresh water a urinal or toilet can flush. While some individuals are creatively recycling their home’s bath water or other wastewater, many are looking at a waterless urinal system as the answer to their water woes.

Why Waterless Urinal Systems?

North America is one of the few continents on the planet that allows the flushing, literally and figuratively, of fresh water down the drain. Only a few countries continue to use good drinking water in such a fashion. This is not a logical position to continue to take when there are water scarcities and a good alternative such as waterless urinals.

Waterless urinals are advantageous. They are beneficial for several good reasons. Proponents argue that they:

Do not waste good water in the removal of waste products

Help to conserve water for more important uses

Are capable of saving significant amounts of water annually. Some statistics indicate the use of waterless urinals in a commercial office structure can result in the saving of some 40,000 gallons of water a year

Result in lower costs. Water reductions translate into monetary savings – something corporation and other business owners and operators are always on the lookout for

Are more durable, require less maintenance and are generally less expensive than traditional models. Although prices and styles will result in a cost variance, the net cost will remain lower for a waterless urinal system
Are hygienic and clean to use. In fact, proponents argue that the waterless urinals are actually cleaner and more healthy that their traditional counterparts

Do not have an odor. The tap combined with a sealant prevents any odor from escaping into the cubicle or other urinal placement

Overall, in spite of the hype and counterarguments, waterless urinal systems tend to be as functional as their traditional counterpart is while being so much more – including more efficient and cost-effective, requiring less maintenance and, in general, being far more environmentally conscious and friendly than the water-hogging models.

Choosing a Waterless Urinal System

In both developed and developing nations, water is increasingly becoming a scarcer commodity. A water shortage can lay low almost any country. Technology has a way of helping reduce potential and present issues. Today, we can turn to the manufacturers of the waterless urinal system to help put people reduce senseless water wastage.


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