A Waterless Urinal Could Not Possibly Function – Could It?

The days of walking into a public bathroom and seeing a waterless urinal are becoming more common as organizations understand that reducing the amount of water wasted to nil, lowering maintenance costs and providing an odor free environment is beneficial for everyone, but how do waterless urinals work?

Choosing A System

While waterless urinal technology is less than 30 years old, most waterless urinals work from one of 3 systems, microbiological, liquid barrier or valve barrier.

When asking how do waterless urinals work, the liquid barrier systems prove extremely effective. They use an oil-based sealant which floats on top of the urine to prevent odor passing back into the bathroom. The cartridge which forms a built-in trap of the sealant will need changing regularly according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

You will need to understand whether any of your current cleaning products are incompatible and may damage the seal and change to more environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The microbiological systems use replaceable cartridges which break down the urine and its odor. A trap is used to seal against odors rising from the drains. A discussion with the manufacturers will ensure that the correct cleaning products are used because failure to apply the products correctly may block the drains.

Valve barrier systems also use built-in traps and operate via a one-way valve with a microbiological block to break down the urine. These systems also suffer when incorrect cleaning products are used.

Through invention and experimentation, waterless urinals work perfectly well in thousands of locations, saving millions of gallons of water each year that would have been wasted and is no longer necessary. For all modern installations, the question of how do waterless urinals work is no longer relevant as it is the most productive answer to bathroom installation questions.

Apart from reducing the water bills for these organizations, maintenance costs are also lower, and because there are no blockages, you won’t require a plumber to attend and clear a problem.

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