How Easy Is It to Replace Urinals with A Waterless Version?

Although you may have considered replacing your water wasting urinals with modern gravity driven water free urinals, you must consider the cost of purchase and installation to decide about the best time to make the change. Of course, the sooner you complete the upgrade, you will be helping the environment by dramatically reducing your water wastage. Also, your image and brand will be increased as these updates provide a talking point and show that your organization is prepared to move with these positive green actions.

Installation Within a New Washroom

Installing water free urinals within a new washroom will reduce the overall financial cost of building the structure. By removing the need for water supplies or tanks of water to feed the urinal for flushing, overall costs are immediately reduced.

Where you already operate water flushing urinals and wish to upgrade and change to water free urinals, an expert plumber will be required to complete the task.

Pipework to Move?

Existing pipework must be capped and you may wish to remove any piping that can be reached around the walls and the tanks.

The waste pipe should be replaced because it will already hold lime scale and uric sediment which will have built up, due to flushing water, previously, down the pipes.

An alternative, is to professionally clean the piping so that it can begin working effectively, when you install the new urinals.

When you choose waterless urinals to install within your property, the company that provides the products may be able to complete the installation for you. They will understand all the rules and regulations that are required to meet plumbing codes and washroom standards.

The changeover which involves removing the current unit and installing a new waterless version, will take between one and two hours per unit. This is a straightforward task for a qualified plumber and will not present any difficulties.


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