Teeth Bleaching Results In Brighter Teeth

Teeth bleaching is not a remedial dental treatment, when you have your teeth bleached the result is not healthier teeth, the result is whiter teeth and a bright smile. This is perhaps the most common cosmetic dental treatment and once completed, certainly helps the patients self confidence.

There are two ways to whiten teeth:

* Teeth bleaching: Teeth bleaching Chicago Loop actually changes the color of tooth enamel, the process removes surface stains as well as stains in the dentin which lies under the enamel. Teeth bleaching can be done in the home, there are kits that are available over the counter or your dentist can prepare a custom kit. Although teeth whitening can be done at home, the process is much slower and as such, the majority of patients opt for “in-chair” cleaning.

* Toothpastes:  There are toothpastes available that contain an abrasive that literally scrapes the top surface of the teeth. Although it may remove some stains, it may also damage teeth.

The bleaching process:

The best in-office teeth bleaching Chicago Loop uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and laser light. This process is quite quick, usually the teeth are whitened a half a dozen shades in little more than 30 minutes to an hour. Once the gums and lips are protected by a dental dam, the dentist covers the exposed teeth with the bleach followed by UV light. The concentration of the bleach used by the dentist is stronger than that provided in home care tooth bleaching kits.

Bleaching is well suited for yellowish teeth while teeth with a gray hue may not be affected to the same extent. Bleaching does not work on tooth colored fillings or bonded teeth. It is always best to talk in detail to your dentist before you try to bleach your teeth, especially if you have had a great deal of remedial work done in the past.

For the majority of patients, teeth bleaching Chicago Loop results in beautifully white teeth and a gorgeous smile. You are invited to make an early appointment with Private Dental Services. Visit them online at http://privatedentalservices.net/teeth-whitening/


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