DIY vs. Professional Garage Door Installation

A typical garage door is heavy, large and unwieldy; this makes installing them a bit tricky. Even though this may be the case there are those that attempt installation as a DIY project. There are many inexpensive garage doors that are available from “big box” home improvement centers, these doors are being marketed as easy to install by the homeowner. There are two questions that should be asked:

* Is it worth trying to install yourself, and
* Is it worth installing an inexpensive door in the first place?

Professional installation:

When you turn over the responsibilities of garage door installation in Westchester, NY you get three things that you would not get otherwise; the job is done quickly, the job is done right and the high quality installation is backed by a warranty. Not only that, should something go wrong in the future you can expect it to be serviced by the same skilled installers. These are things that you simply do not get if you opt for the “DIY” approach.

Installing a garage door is actually quite difficult and takes a considerable amount of skill to do it right. The wise homeowner will not underestimate this, installing and balancing the door is best done by a crew that is skilled and has considerable experience. A garage door is heavy and until such time as it is properly balanced it will stay that way.

DIY installation:

There can only be one reason why a homeowner would even attempt to install a garage door and that is to save the cost of installation. Does a professional really cost more? When you add up all the time it takes, the materials that are needed and the unique tools that need to be purchased or rented, the savings will not be as great as expected and, if the installation goes wrong, who do you complain to?

When you leave garage door installation in Westchester, NY to professionals you can be assured the job will be done right and there will be no concern about an unsafe installation. You are invited to contact Action Lock & Door Co. for further information. Visit them online at


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