Symptoms Indicating a Need for Brake Service in Carmel, IN

Depending on whether a vehicle has disc brakes or drum brakes, the components to be replaced during Brake Service in Carmel IN are different. Sometimes, a problem develops not within the brake parts on the wheels but under the hood, where the master cylinder holding the hydraulic fluid is located. Brake fluid lines also can develop leaks. A wide range of symptoms can alert drivers to problems with the brakes and the need to have those components repaired or replaced.


Worn brake pads may produce squealing sounds when the driver steps on the brake pedal. If the pads become excessively worn, scraping noises can be heard. Damage to other brake parts is probably occurring. It’s essential to get the vehicle to a shop soon for service.

Another sound indicating brake problems is chirping that can be heard when driving, but that stops when stepping on the brake pedal. Sometimes, the chirping only occurs when the vehicle is moving in reverse.

Performance Issues

Worn or warped rotors require Brake Service in Carmel IN. The main symptom is a brake pedal that pulses instead of gripping firmly when pressed down. The longer the problem goes on, the worse it gets. This creates a serious safety issue. Eventually, the driver cannot make a sudden stop because the brakes do not respond effectively.

If the pedal feels softer or spongy when pressing it down, that might be a master cylinder issue. The fluid may be low because of a slow leak in the cylinder. Brake fluid lines also can start leaking, but the situation tends to be more serious. The fluid may all drain out rather quickly instead of dripping out gradually over several days or weeks.

If the steering wheel vibrates when the brake pedal is depressed, that’s another indication the brakes should be evaluated.

Concluding Thoughts

These are just a handful of examples of symptoms that can indicate brake problems to be fixed by mechanics at a garage like Pete’s Service Center. Whenever something seems unusual or problematic when stepping on the brake pedal, it’s time to be safe and have the brakes checked. Call us to schedule an appointment.


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