The Varieties of Aluminum Bar Stock

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Aluminum Supplier


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There is a wide array of aluminum bar stock. It is fabricated in several shapes, alloys, and tempers. Aluminum bar stock has just as many applications as it does shapes, alloys, and tempers. Take the time to analyze the variety of bar stock available to get the best-suited material for the project.

Certain alloys feature certain characteristics. Some alloys are known for strength while others are known for their corrosion resistant qualities. Certain alloys are suited for welding while others are better designed for machining. The temper, or heat treatment, of the specific alloy, will enhance qualities like strength and corrosion resistance.

Bar Stock Shapes

Hex Bars – Hexagon shaped bar stock is used to make gears, shafts, and bolts. It is also utilized to fabricate screws and tube fittings. 2011 alloy hex bar is often used for parts that require complex machining.

Flat Bars

Flat bars often use alloys that are suited for welding. The thickness of flat bar stock varies. It is commonly used in marine applications as well as other projects that require a high level of corrosion resistance.

Round Bars

Round bar is also called round rod. It is used in applications that require both welding and machining. It is a common raw material choice for the lathe. It is used in aerospace and the marine industries. Round rod comes either cold finished or extruded.

Square Bars

Square bar is also referred to as square rod. Square rod is often used in aerospace in the 7075 alloy. Another typical alloy and temper for square rod is 2024 T351.

Other, less common shapes of bar stock include extrusions, channels, and I-beams. These prefabricated bar stock shapes can save lots of time and fabrication. In fabrication, saving time means saving money. With such a wide variety of shapes and alloys, it is certain you can find the right material for your manufacturing needs.

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