Some Uses for Hobby Stamps And Supplies in Oahu

While not everyone has their own collection of rubber stamps, having a few on hand along with some ink pads in different colors can be helpful for all sorts of creative activities. Next time you’re out and about, you may want to pick up some Hobby Stamps And Supplies in Oahu.

Labeling Items

Get some custom designed stamps, and it can help with labeling everything from envelopes (in the case of a return address stamp) to books to handmade items to be sold. Consider a stamp with your logo or just one with the business name and website for this purpose.

Craft Projects

With the right Hobby Stamps And Supplies in Oahu, it’s possible to decorate fabric for special projects, stamp an embroidery design onto material, decorate clothing, create unique stickers, add pizazz to a scrapbook or journal, make ornaments or create designs in clay. The options are endless.

Spread Some Cheer

Stamp an uplifting message or quote on envelopes you mail out or on a child’s lunch bag. Use stamps to decorate plain postcards or to add a little something extra to thank you cards before sending them out.

Occupy Children

Get some washable ink and scrap paper and let kids stamp away to keep them busy. They may also like using these stamps to decorate their play dough creations with some new designs. Those who have shrinky dink material handy can stamp it with different designs to make unique charms, jewelry or sun catchers. Stamps can also be handy for creating a 100’s Day project, as many elementary school children need to make and bring in something decorated with 100 of a particular item on the 100th day of school. This could involve using permanent ink on a plain t-shirt or bag or just creating a design on construction paper.

Craft and hobby stores are good places to look for a wide selection of stamps, including those with pictures, different styles of letters and quotes, but if you just can’t find what you’re looking for, Rubber Stamp One Day Service Inc can create a custom stamp suited for your purposes.


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