Government Requirements for Notary Seal Stamps in Oahu, Hawaii

The Hawaiian government has very specialized requirements for notary seal stamps in Hawaii. These stamps are the most important tool among the notary supplies in Oahu, and it is the responsibility of the notary or the company that they work for to maintain a notary seal stamp in great condition for each notary.

The stamp must be less 2 inches in diameter or less. It must have a serrated or milled edge border. The stamp must leave a clear impression when used. The words on the notary seal that is part of the required notary supplies in Oahu is set by law. The stamp must show your name and your commission number. It must also say, “The State of Hawaii,” and the words, “notary public.”

Your notary stamp must be added to your typed or printed signature when you are acting as a notary. The written statement must show the date that your commission expires.

If you choose to not be a notary anymore or if you die, then your stamp must be turned into the Attorney General. You or your representative has 90 days to turn the seal in. If you fail, then the court can fine you.

It is essential that when you use your notary supplies in Oahu, you sign your name, in the same way, every time. A photocopy of the stamp and your signature must be sent to the Attorney General’s office when you take office. You must also send a copy of your surety insurance proving that you have at least $1,000 in coverage.

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