A Civil Trial Law Attorney in Louisiana Can Obtain Compensation for these Two Common Accident Injuries

Auto accidents encompass more than just damage to a vehicle. Many people sustain several injuries in car crashes as well. Here are two of the most common accident injuries a civil trial law attorney in Louisiana can help victims receive compensation for.


Whiplash is a colloquial term used to describe neck injuries that occur when the head is thrown violently back and forth or side to side, as commonly happens during car crashes. The type of injuries people sustain varies from person to person depending on how fast they were travelling, where the car was hit, and any pre-existing medical issues.

According to some experts, about 3 million people sustain whiplash injuries during accidents, and about 10 percent of them will be permanently disabled by them and require lifelong care. Most of the time, whiplash injuries show up right away, but sometimes they can take a few weeks or months to appear. Common symptoms of whiplash include pain in the neck and upper back, headache, dizziness, and shoulder pain or stiffness.

Sprains and Strains

Another common injury people sustain in car accidents is sprains and strains of the body’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These are the tissues that connect the bones and muscles together. These injuries can occur in a variety of ways. A person may sprain his or her wrist while wrenching the steering wheel in an effort to avoid crashing into another vehicle. The impact from being T-boned may cause the person to be thrown around in his or her seat at an awkward angle, causing sprains in the back and hips.

This is another injury that may take a few days or weeks to appear, and unfortunately, takes the longest to heal. Being adequately compensated for these and other injuries often requires the assistance of a civil trial law attorney in Louisiana, who can accurately assess the price of the damages and work to get an acceptable settlement from the liable party. To learn more about hiring an attorney, or to set an appointment to discuss a case with a lawyer, browse our website.

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