The Use Of Massage In Prevention And Recovery

No matter how experienced you are at whatever sport you choose to participate in, there is always a chance that you may experience an injury, whether it is a muscle strain or poor mobility. Massage is favoured around the globe by sports enthusiasts, because it aids both prevention and recovery. Better performance and a longer sporting career are two benefits of visiting a professional sports massage therapist, who will focus on stretching, pumping and micro-circulation to provide a truly invigorating experience. If your sporting career or hobbies are often delayed due to injured muscle tissue, discover more about the ways in which a massage therapist can restore your physical and mental health to peak performance.

Better Tissue Permeability and Elasticity

A form of bodywork that improves tissue permeability and elasticity, a sports massage is a deep massage that stimulates blood flow and opens pores in the tissue membrane. The main cause of pain is lactic acid build-up but with a sports massage, waste products can be removed. When this happens, the healing process speeds up and normal muscle function is restored. Inelastic tissues that have been trained too hard will stretch when nutrients and blood is circulated efficiently, giving your muscles the energy and nutrients they need to repair after an injury.

Reduced Anxiety and Tension

A sports massage will improve overall blood circulation and encourage a release of endorphins, which will instantly enhance your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety. Tension can affect your performance when exercising or participating in sports like tennis and football, but with heat generated stretching, the entire body will feel relaxed. A massage therapist will use his or her elbows, hands and fingertips to treat emotional and physical problems, proving regular massages to be worthwhile for anxiety sufferers. The mechanoreceptors in the muscles respond quickly to pressure and touch, and when this happens, anxiety levels begin to lower.

Relaxation and Pain Reduction

The body has natural painkillers in the form of endorphins, and you can benefit from a feeling of relaxation immediately after a massage. Brisk movements will create a feeling of invigoration and although you will feel relaxed, you won’t feel fatigued. Instead, you will feel pleasantly energised and ready for whatever life brings. In addition to reducing pain, a massage will break down any scar tissue that might have formed after a trauma that has affected the ligaments, muscles, joints and tendons.

A therapist at Marywood Massage can awaken your senses with a rejuvenating massage.


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