Should Disabled People Hire An SSD Lawyer?

Although hiring a lawyer is not a requirement for filing for disability, many people feel more comfortable having legal representation during the process. Because so many people are initially denied, it can be helpful to have the guidance of a lawyer so needless problems can be avoided. With this information, people can learn more about their options for working with an SSD Lawyer in Bethlehem.

When a person begins working with an SSD Lawyer, they will have help in each step of the process. The first step involves filling out all of the paperwork that must be filed. When one files for social security disability, they must first have documentation that proves their disability. A person will need to provide documentation from at least two doctors to prove they are totally and permanently disabled. If this documentation is not provided, the claim will likely be denied.

Working with a lawyer ensures a person will have helped if they receive a denial letter on their claim. If denied, a person has the right to pursue an appeal so their claim can be heard before a judge. An administrative judge will oversee the hearing and allow for medical records to be submitted. A person can even bring in medical professionals to testify on their behalf. It will be up to the judge to determine whether or not the person is approved for their benefits.

Instead of trying to go through the process alone, one can hire a lawyer to help. They can take over most every aspect of the process, so a person does not have to go through so much stress and uncertainty. As long as a person meets the requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration, they should have no trouble getting approved.

If you are in need of help with your social security disability claim, contact the law office of Leventhal Sutton & Gornstein. She will be happy to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can learn about the necessary steps for being approved for social security benefits. Call right away to get started so you can receive the benefits you deserve.


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