Homeowners spend a lot of time looking for a place to live. Families often select their home because it’s in the right school district or it’s near work. If it’s a tight real estate market, they might buy a home that isn’t perfect, because it’s in the right location. After living there for several years, they may decide that they want to hire a Home Remodeling Company in Calabasas CA to transform it into a home that they love. If it is too small, the contractor can work with them to build an addition. Increasing the footprint of the home may require an additional review from the local building department. The contractor will know how to submit the plan and get it approved.

Older homes were often built with several separate rooms on the ground floor. The kitchen, dining room, and living room were separate spaces, often with doors that closed. The family may decide that they want to transform the first floor into a modern open concept layout. The Home Remodeling Company in Calabasas CA will know how to determine which walls can be torn down and which are load bearing walls that support the house. If the flooring in each room was different, then consistent flooring materials will need to be installed. The contractor can explain the benefits and costs of a range of materials from hardwood floorboard to vinyl tiles.

The kitchen is often the focal point of an open concept layout. Because kitchen cabinets are mounted on the wall, they can often be seen throughout the first floor. If the customer doesn’t like them, the contractor may be able to reface them, paint them a new color and add new hardware. If the homeowner liked the general layout and size of the cabinets this may work. However, if they didn’t like the overall kitchen cabinet plan, it will probably be necessary to replace them. They can look through magazines to get an idea of the cabinets they like. Then they can go to a showroom with the contractor. They can decide which cabinets will give them the look they want.

Focil Construction of Calabasas CA is one of the home remodeling companies that can help their clients have the home of their dreams.


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