Reviewing The Claim With A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Winnebago County, IL

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Workers Compensation


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In Illinois, workers are protected by current federal laws and regulations. The laws and regulations require employers to take immediate action to mitigate risks. These risks increase the probability of workplace accident. The laws require the employer to purchase insurance that provides coverage for workers. It pays for medical costs and provides financial support for the injured worker. A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Winnebago County IL provides assistance for workers who were denied benefits.

Why Did the Accident Happen?

The cause of the accident determines if the worker has access to benefits. It must involve a failure by the employer. This could include but isn’t limited to OSHA violations, building code violations, or faulty equipment. The worker won’t receive benefits if they place themselves in harm’s way. The worker must comply with all company policies. A failure to comply could prevent them from receiving benefits.

How Severe are the Worker’s Injuries?

The severity of the worker’s injuries defines whether or not they can perform light-duty work. If they can, the company doesn’t pay them any monetary benefits. However, if they can’t, the employer must provide them with maximum benefits. A permanent disability, loss of limb or function, or disfigurement entitles the worker to a larger settlement.

What Percentage Is Available for Wages?

The standard percentage for monetary benefits is 60%. However, workers who have been with the company longer may receive a higher value. The terms of the worker’s compensation policy define the exact amount paid to the worker.

Why is a Lawsuit Necessary?

A lawsuit is necessary when the employer and insurer refuse to provide benefits. The lawsuit is filed when the patient has more severe injuries that affect their ability to work. They could acquire a settlement based on their overall losses.

In Illinois, workers are protected by federal employment laws. The laws prevent employers from using unethical practices to deny an insurance claim. The worker’s compensation laws entitle injured workers to full payment of their medical expenses. They entitle the worker to monetary benefits with qualifying injuries. Workers who were injured and need help contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Winnebago County IL to get a free consultation right now.

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