Corrosion Resistant Coating – Purposes, Benefits and Industry Applications

Issues involving corrosion must often be dealt with on a routine basis in certain manufacturing industrial sectors. Companies that operate in these sectors need effective solutions to mitigate the problems associated with corrosion in order to help ensure the service life of import machinery and equipment is extended as long as possible. This is accomplished with the proper application of corrosion resistant coating.


Various external factors are responsible for corrosion of equipment, parts and machinery. These can include UV rays, oxidation, moisture, and routine wear and tear. These factors can contribute to the deterioration of metal parts that make up equipment and machinery. Corrosion resistant coating gives metal parts the resistance they need to protect against solvents and abrasive activity. The coating is often applied for purposes of lubrication as well which can result in an extended service life of parts.

Applications and Industries

Corrosion resistant coatings can be used for a variety of industries and entities in order to protect equipment and machinery parts. These industries include diagnostic and laboratory, construction, aerospace, food processing, commercial baking, as well as local municipalities.

These coatings are also applicable wherever hot flocking, electrostatic, fluidized bed, and other types of applications are required. A company that provides coatings that deliver corrosion resistant results should provide some of the latest cutting edge solutions in the industry. These types of solutions will deliver excellent results for companies that need to employ corrosion resistant solutions for maintenance, production and manufacturing requirements.


Some of the different types of corrosion resistant coatings available on the market include Plascoat, Rislan ® Nylon 11, Halar, and KF Polymer. These coatings have their own particular features, capabilities and suitability for different applications.

On the major reasons to use quality corrosion resistant coating products is to reduce the need for as much cleaning and maintenance work as possible, as well as reducing the costs associated with making repairs and replacements due to corrosion issues.

If you need effective corrosion resistant solutions for your industrial facility or other construction or industrial related application, you may want to contact a reliable and experienced metal finishing provider.


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