Getting Help from a Workers Compensation Attorney in Tumwater, WA

Whenever anyone works on a job and gets injured, he or she is entitled to benefits known as workers’ compensation. This is pay that is given to the employee to ensure he or she has funds still coming in when out of work due to injury that occurred at work. A Workers Compensation Attorney in Tumwater WA has been providing help to clients who have trouble with their workers’ compensation cases.

The Process of Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

When the employee is hurt at work, the first thing to do, if possible, report the injury to the employer, then go to receive medical treatment. Next, an accident report should be filed with the doctor that is treating the injury, or the labor website or office. The doctor should be able to certify that the employee was injured at work as said, or contracted an occupational disease at work. If the doctor cannot certify this, it is possible for the employee to have the claim rejected quickly.

What Happens When Claim is Denied

If the employee’s claim is denied, he or she has 60 days to protest the decision, otherwise, the right to be heard will be lost. If there is a hearing, and the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals makes a decision the employee disagrees with, the court can be the next step. This is where it will be best to secure the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

What a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Do

When the employee gets the right workers’ compensation attorney, he or she will be in a better position to collect the benefits that were due to begin with. The attorney will most likely not take the case unless he or she is sure the case can be won. This is because such cases are usually contingency-based.

Who Can Help in Tumwater, Washington

Putnam, Lieb, Potvin are attorneys who have been providing personal injury solutions and workers’ compensation solutions for clients in the Tumwater, Washington area. For those people who are looking for a Workers Compensation Attorney in Tumwater WA, they are available. They invite potential clients to “Learn more about our legal team at”

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