Rely on your general dentist for basic dental care

A general dentist is that dental professional that you will see most often for the care of your teeth and gums. General dentistry in New York includes all the routine care that patients need, regardless of their age. Your general dentist will see you twice a year for routine check-ups and a professional cleaning.

On an on-going basis a general dentist works with his or her long standing patients and accepts ne patients who need dental care. A primary focus of general dentistry in New York is diagnosis and prevention of major dental issues, as the dentist sees patients twice a year, he or she can spot trouble and deal with it before it gets out of hand. Patients with chronic problems will see the dentist more often, ensuring that their problem is rectified. A general dentist has certain professional limitations and as such cannot provide the specific care that is required; in cases like this the general dentist will refer patients to the appropriate specialist that can handle the problem.

General and cosmetic dentistry go hand in hand:

In the past, general dentistry in New York was limited to such treatments as placing fillings, performing root canals, extraction, etc. Today, many general dentists are embracing cosmetic procedures as well in their practice. Often, a general dentist has developed relationships with other dental practitioners, for example, orthodontists. The general dentist will perform routine check-ups and other care while the orthodontist assumes the responsibility for straightening and realigning the patient’s teeth.

Long term relationships:

Many dental specialists come and go during a person’s lifetime; this is often not the case with a general dentist. It is not unusual for an individual to see the same general dentist for many years; the dentist becomes extremely familiar with the patient, fully recognizing his or her needs and areas of particular concern. This long lasting relationship allows the dentist to catch minor problems before they become major issues. Dr. Shahram Shekib from New York is experienced in all phases of dentistry. Get the best dental services from them.


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