Types of Real Estate Careers

If you get your real estate license in Utah, you have some options in what career you will work in. There are many options depending on your skills and what exactly you want to do. While all the careers involving selling real estate and helping buyers find real estate, some are more focused on the actual transaction and less on sales. Here’s a brief look at some career options.


A broker works for buyers and sellers. They represent their clients during the transaction of actually selling or buying a piece of real estate. Generally, a broker will focus either on commercial or residential properties. Some may work with both types. Brokers and agents are essentially the same thing. They do the same job duties. The biggest difference is in education. They both have a real estate license in Utah but brokers have further education that allows them to work independently without having to be a part of an agency.


An appraiser works to value properties. They are needed when a house is about to be sold. Lenders will request an appraisal to make sure the selling price matches the true value of the property. The good thing about this position is that appraisals are needed in other situations besides when a property is sold, so the job has fairly steady work.


As a real estate advisor, you would work with large investors to find properties or help them decide on property purchases. It is similar to an agent where you show properties and explain the details about them to a potential buyer. However, typically as an advisor, you will continue working even after a purchase to help the buyer with management and other decisions.

If you want to work in real estate, it’s important to find a position that meets your qualifications and desires. There are many choices, but don’t forget that many of them require education or a real estate license in Utah. Click here to know more.


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