Eliminate Household Pests With Reliable Mice And Termite Removal Services

Pests around the home can be an extremely aggravating problem. For instance, removing a cockroach infestation may require the use of both an aerosol insecticide and baits. Sprayed insecticides kill any roaches that are barely hidden in the cracks and crevices while the bait will get carried back to those that are deep in the shadows. However, some household pests such as termites and mice may be even harder to deal with. Hardy home invaders such as these require professional Mice Termite control so the problem does not return immediately.

Rodents like the rat and mouse often enter the building by chewing through weak spots in the walls. These entryways can be very small and difficult to locate. They can also become an entrance for other pests. Discovering where the rodents have entered the building is only one step in the removal process, but it is the best place to begin laying traps. One reason that mouse control can be difficult is that mice build nests inside the walls. Their young do not leave the nest immediately and the adults must bring food to them. This is the main reason to use baits because the rodents carry it back to the nest as food.

Professional Mice Termite removal often work hand in hand even though the two pests are completely different. One reason for this is that these creatures usually access the home in the same areas. Mice tend to enter from low access points such as the holes used for plumbing. Termites also tend to access the home from the ground. Out of the thousands of termite species, there are two that pose a problem for homeowners. The first is known as a drywood termite and the second is the subterranean termite.

Despite common belief, the termite is actually related to roaches and this becomes evident in the food that they consume. Termites eat cellulose. That is, they live off of wood pulp, leaf litter and similar materials. Unfortunately, many homes are made from dried timber and for a termite cured wood is the perfect meal. Drywood termites actually live inside the wood that they consume while the subterranean termite makes use of moist, earthen tubules that protect them as they travel. Get more information about pest control from the experts at Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.


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