Recharge at a Premium Massage Parlor in Reseda, CA

Does the idea of some time spent at a spa appeal to you? It does to most, and yet few of us really understand what we can enjoy during a visit to an authentic spa or massage parlor in Reseda, CA. For example, massage is a bit general. It could mean a hot oil massage or a far more intense deep tissue treatment.

To help you choose the ideal massage parlor in Reseda, CA for your needs, let’s take a bit of time to learn about the services that any premium facility should offer.

The Treatments and Services at a Top Quality Massage Parlor in Reseda, CA

So, let’s start with the massage options you should expect to find. They should include:

* Deep Tissue – This is just as it sounds and requires a lot of force to undo any knots or tension in the body. It is done from head to toe and is for those who struggle with a lot of bodily stress and ongoing pressures.

* Swedish – If you have circulatory issues or do a lot of exercise, you can benefit greatly from this sort of massage. It improves circulation and whether you are dealing with fluid in the limbs or even lactic acid in the muscles from working out, it can break it all up, get it moving and leave you feeling great.

* Shiatsu – Part of traditional Chinese medicine, it is done with the masseuse using their hands, elbows, feet and knees to apply pressure to specific points on the body.

In addition to the different types of massages offered, a good parlor will let you choose the amount of time the treatments are done (usually from an hour to two hours), and add on other massage treatments such as scalp massage, foot reflexology and more.

Optional Treatments

A truly premium massage parlor in Reseda, CA might also provide clients with a day pass to enable them to have body treatments like a Korean style body scrub, a steam sauna, Jacuzzi soak, and any number of packages designed specifically for men and women. For example, a facial and hair treatment plus a massage or a body scrub and massage are great options for both genders.

At Valley Day Spa in Reseda, CA, patrons can have a massage or a day of luxurious pampering, and yet all leave completely relaxed and rejuvenated.


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