When you visit our massage parlor in Lomita, CA, you’ll notice that one of our services is the shiatsu massage. Many people recognize things like Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, but what is shiatsu massage? And how can it help you? Here’s what you need to know about this invigorating service.

History of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage was developed in Japan and China as a traditional form of medicine centuries ago. However, it didn’t become widespread around the globe until about the 1970s. The word shiatsu means finger pressure, so a shiatsu massage involves using the fingers, as well as the elbows and sometimes even the knees and feet, to create pressure on specific pressure points on the body.

The Eastern idea that pressure points on the body can be balanced to create harmonious health in the whole body is the point of shiatsu massage.

What Happens During a Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu involves stretching and rotating the limbs and joints of the body to get it loose and relaxed. Then pressure points around the body (called meridians) are the focal point. The therapist will apply pressure to these meridians using fingers, elbows, hands, and even knees if necessary, to reduce all tension in the point. From there, comfort and relaxation should radiate out to other parts of the body.

This not only relaxes muscles, but also helps to improve the function of certain organs. For example, some pressure points are related to the function of the lungs, while others are related to the function of the spleen and so on. If you have been having digestive issues, a specific pressure point can be massaged to help.

Who Should Get Shiatsu Massage?

Do you want to:

* Improve circulation in your body?
* Heal small injuries such as sprains?
* Relieve arthritis pain?
* Reduce stress in your body?
* Treat symptoms of anxiety and depression?
* Ease fatigue and insomnia?
* Help heal digestive troubles, morning sickness, or menstrual pain?
* Reduce headaches and back pain?
* Help heal colds or sinus problems?
* Create an overall sense of wellbeing, energy, and good health?

Then shiatsu is great for you! Even those who suffer from things like sciatica and serious migraines can find relief in this type of massage.

We offer shiatsu treatment in our massage parlor in Lomita, CA from highly trained and friendly professionals. Contact us at Thai Yoga Massage to schedule your appointment.

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