Enjoy Relaxing Treatments at an Authentic Massage Parlor in San Diego CA

It’s been a tough week, or two, or more, and you need something to help relax your sore muscles and stiff joints. Going for a run or a swim might help to loosen you up, but it is a pretty tiring thing to do after a long stretch of stress or fatigue. If you are in need of serious “R&R” and don’t have time for a vacation, visiting a massage parlor in San Diego, CA, might do the trick.

More Than One Type of Treatment

If you select the right sort of massage parlor in San Diego, CA, you can enjoy a long list of unique massage options. For instance, you can expect to be offered:

* Deep Tissue Massage – Famous for releasing muscle tension it is done to the deepest layer of muscle, tendon and the fascia over the muscles and joints. It is known for lowering blood pressure and breaking down “knots” in the muscles. It can be painful due to the intensity and pressure applied, but it usually has so many benefits most don’t mind a few moments of discomfort.

* Shiatsu Massage – This is done with the hands, elbows, knees or feet and works the different pressure points of the body. It rotates and stretches the limbs and joints and is actually part of modern Chinese medicine. It too has a lot of benefits and can be a bit painful due to the pressure applied, but any discomfort is over in a moment.

* Swedish Massage – Designed to relax the entire body it uses longer, gliding strokes over the muscles and limbs. The focus is to work in the same direction as the blood returning to the heart. It is a fully body technique and is quite beneficial to those who need to improve circulation and ease tension.

* Hot Oil Massage – The gentlest form of massage, it relies on the heat of the oil to sink into the skin and upper layers of muscle tissue. It does improve circulation and is a great form of relaxation. It is probably one of the most common treatments available at any massage parlor in San Diego, CA.

Now that you know the basics of the massages available to you as a patron of a massage parlor in San Diego, CA, you will want to find a facility offering them all. It might take a few visits to find the massage that works best for you, and at Genesis Spa you can even get a relaxing table shower after your treatment.


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