Reasons You May Need a Checkup at Orthodontics Dentistry Orland Park IL

Not everyone is in need of braces throughout their life. However, many children do need braces, but their parents do not catch the warning signs in time. If you wait too long, your child may end up wearing the braces for a longer time than they originally would have. There is a way to avoid this and that is by catching the signs of needing braces early enough. Here are some red flags that could mean you need to schedule your child an immediate appointment at the Orthodontics Dentistry Orland Park IL clinic right away.

He or She is Experiencing Bite Problems

Bite problems are serious indicators that your child is in need of an orthodontist checkup. These problems can change the way they speak and chew if you do not get this issue checked right away. This typically means the lower and upper jaws are different sizes, which is a serious problem. When the upper jaw extends beyond the surface, it is called an overbite, which causes an overlap of the top teeth over the bottom. An underbite is when the exact opposite occurs. This is a big sign that your kid is in need of braces right away at your local orthodontics dentistry in Orland Park, IL clinic.

Misalignment of Teeth

If the teeth are misaligned, they definitely need braces. The overall dental health of your child will be affected if their teeth are coming in sideways or not erupting properly. Braces are the key to proper alignment for children and adults. Make an immediate appointment for your kid if he or she is experiencing this problem.

Your Child Has Overlapping Teeth

This is a very common problem for kids. Many children have overlapping teeth. Unfortunately, many parents are not aware of how serious this can be later on in life if they do not see an orthodontist at a young age. These teeth are hard to brush and floss, leading to build up of plaque and the cause of gingivitis and cavities eventually.

RK Smiles is a professional dental care service who would be pleased to check your child to see if he or she is in need of orthodontic work. Call and make an appointment today before it is too late.


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