Acquiring The Right Level Of Coverage Through Auto Insurance Companies In Elyria, OH

In Ohio, it is the responsibility of all automobile owners to purchase and maintain auto coverage. The state doesn’t require these owners to acquire any further coverage beyond liability insurance. However, any failure to acquire coverage could present civil penalties. Auto Insurance Companies in Elyria OH provide auto policies for these vehicle owners.

Identifying the Minimum Requirements for Insurance

In Ohio, the minimum requirement for insurance equates to $25,000 for the first injuries sustained in an accident. The maximum coverage required by the state is $50,000 for the total auto accident. The policy must provide at least $25,000 for all property damage that occurs during the accident.

Offering Proof of Coverage

The automobile owner is required by law to present proof of coverage when they are stopped by law enforcement. This includes routine traffic stops as well as checkpoints. If the owner doesn’t have proof of insurance, law enforcement issues a citation for this offense. In some cases, they could impound the vehicle.

Penalties for No Insurance

Auto owners who don’t have insurance could face fines and reinstatement fees up to $600. They could lose their driving privileges and the suspension of their registration. The state could also require all the auto owner to purchase SR-22 auto insurance. The state can force them to maintain coverage for up to five years.

The Repercussions of Failing to Comply

If the automobile owner fails to comply with laws and is involved in an accident, they could face the weight of all associated costs. If the victim of the accident files a lawsuit, the automobile owner will be required to pay all medical expenses and repair costs for the victim out-of-pocket. This could produce a significant financial loss for the automobile owner. If the victim dies, they could face further penalties and possible criminal charges.

In Ohio, all automobile owners are required to purchase auto insurance. The state requires them to acquire at least liability coverage. These policies provide coverage for the victim of the accident and their auto repair expenses. Auto owners who need help with insurance should contact Auto Insurance Companies in Elyria OH or visit  to submit a request for a free quote. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.


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