The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your MDM (Mobile Device Management) In Toronto

Businesses everywhere are trying to upgrade their software and abilities, which will make customers happier and employees, as well. Many times, companies try the mobile device option called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It allows employees to work on any devices they feel most comfortable with, including tablets, smartphones and traditional laptops. The reasoning is that people who function better on a smartphone will be more productive if allowed to use it for work-related purposes.

The trouble is most of these companies don’t realize the additional problems that can arise, especially for the IT department. IT managers must be able to support more devices than ever before since each user can bring in as many devices as they feel are necessary to work. They must ensure safety and security for every device and customer information, which becomes difficult.

Therefore, you may consider outsourcing your MDM in Toronto to others that are more qualified to handle the overflow.

More Security

Security for mobile devices can be harder to handle, even for professionals. If your help desk is already strapped for resources or personnel, taking on the mobile device initiative can cause severe problems for everyone.

Professional companies can be hired to handle these situations for you, ensuring your security and that of your employees and customers. They already have the processes and tools necessary to manage the security of mobile devices, which can include EMM, MDM, OS updates and mobile apps, meaning your IT department is free to work on other situations.


You want someone who knows what they’re doing. Your IT staff may not have the knowledge necessary to handle such a new and difficult change in the workplace. While you can spend months training them, they’ll still need a curve-time where they can make mistakes. It may be wiser to outsource your mobile device management in Toronto, which allows the professionals to take over and do the job correctly.

Compliance Issues

BYOD is incredibly challenging because, as a business, you are subjected to compliance standards. You’ve got to ensure that credit cards are kept safe, personal information isn’t leaked or hacked and more. Of course, the industry you are in will tell you which compliance regulations to follow, but you need someone that understands these rules and can help you ensure compliance, even with mobility and BYOD programs in place.

MDM in Toronto is a serious challenge for most companies, whether large or small. Visit My Blue Umbrella now to learn more about how they can help with mobile device management and other needs.


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