Reasons to Shop at a Dog Food Store in Corvallis OR

A dog is a valued member of the family. Everyone wants the dog to be healthy and happy for years to come. From taking long walks to snuggling up together after a long day, dogs provide wonderful companionship. To be ready for everything life has to offer both of you, it is important to feed your dog the right type of food. Consider the reasons to shop at a dog food store in Corvallis OR.

Nutritionally Balanced Dog Food

Much like people, dogs need to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. Eating the right food is good for the dog’s overall well-being. Proper nutrition keeps the dog’s teeth, bones, and organs healthier. It helps the dog have a shiny coat and more energy to romp and play with you. The inexpensive food sold at mass merchant and grocery stores often falls short of the nutritional requirements established for you dog. A Dog Food Store in Corvallis OR carries the most respected brands. Choose from grain-free dog foods that provide what your dog really needs.

Tasty Options

If your dog looks less than excited during meal time, the dog food is probably not appealing. A dog food store offers tasty options with the flavors that appeal to your dog most. Dry and canned foods are available, based on your dog’s preferences. You can also serve your dog both types of food for added variety. A full range of brands and flavors are offered so your dog always has something delicious to eat. Include a few snacks to give your dog a treat that is sure to be appreciated.

Other Essentials for Your Dog

Typically, a local dog food store also carries other essentials for your dog. Pick up some toys to keep your dog active. Consider apparel to ensure your dog stays warm on chilly days. Pick up necessities such as a leash, harness, dental supplies, bed, and more. Training tools are also available.

Contact us today to learn more about the right diet for your dog. Discover the large role proper nutrition plays in the overall quality of life your dog has.


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