Local Jewelry Dealer Offering Nomination Bracelets in Wayne NJ

Nearly thirty years ago, Florence, Italy native Paolo Gensini created a line of jewelry which could be specifically tailored to the wearer’s unique personality; incorporating aspects of one’s own values, passions, secrets, even of their political views, as tasteful and decorative items of self-expression and wordless communication to friends, loved ones, and family members alike.

Unlike traditional charm bracelets or necklaces, Mr. Gensini conceived of a bracelet akin to a wristwatch band which flexes to fit the wearer, combining art with industrial design in the process. Since the charms were fixed instead of dangling free, they could not be lost by accident from a broken link or cord. Gensini’s bracelet soon became a popular one and spread worldwide within only three short years once tourists began bringing these bracelets back from Europe.

Today, Mazzo Jewelers is a proud dealer of Nomination Bracelets in Wayne NJ. These accessories make ideal gifts for the girlfriend, boyfriend, special friend or relative in one’s life, and which are endlessly customizable. The client selects from a catalog of individual charms, or can order charms with laser engraving or photo-embossing, to be added onto the basic bracelet, available in silver, gold, or stainless steel. The charms are interchangeable to reflect the wearer’s own sensibilities; arranged to reflect specific themes or colors, and rearranged or swapped out as the wearer sees fit.

The secret to this variability lies in Mr. Gensini’s original design concept of a bracelet composed of eighteen links all hooked together and each with a blank face, onto which flat charms can be soldered or glued. Individual links can be unhooked from the bracelet and rearranged or replaced with a new charm at any time by the owner. So whenever a change is wanted, all that is necessary is to order a new charm affixed onto a new blank link, all of which come in standard sizes, and then replace the old charm with the new. Nomination Bracelets in Wayne NJ are ideal to commemorate particular events, occupations, hobbies or sports, and the beauty of these particular fashion items is that they can never go out of style.


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