How Microderma In Chicago Works

Microdermabrasion, or microderma as it is often called, is a common procedure but not one that many know much about. Basically speaking, it’s a non-surgical procedure that helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, while also improving the appearance of your skin. Microderma won’t give you the same effect as a chemical peel or replace the use of your regular topical creams, but it will keep your skin looking smooth and even, and in some cases can even help reduce the appearance of whiteheads and other imperfections. While the benefits are obvious, many people considering the non-invasive procedure are still uncertain how Microderma in Chicago works. Here is some information about this new, but effective, treatment for facial imperfections.

What Is The Tool Used?

There are two ways in which this procedure can be performed. The first is a crystal system, involving a pump, tube, hand piece and vacuum. A stream of crystals, typically composed of aluminum oxide, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and magnesium oxide, strips the dead skin cells off the skin. The vacuum is used to remove the dead skin cells and the spent crystals. The second method uses a rough tip of a diamond system, which is then used to exfoliate the skin. The benefit to the diamond system method is that it doesn’t leave anything behind. Some patients have difficulty with the crystal system, because parts of the spent crystals are left on the face and, if not careful, can get into the eyes and nose. The diamond system only leaves the exfoliated skin cells behind, and is much safer for use around those areas of the face.

The vacuum part of the wand does more than just suck up dead skin cells and used crystals, it also stimulates blood circulation and helps the skin to swell a bit, allowing for the treatment to impact a larger surface area.

What Does It Treat?

If you have fine lines, uneven skin tone, melasma, are using a medication such as Retin-A for imperfections, or have clogged pores, microderma might be right for you. Experts say that these patients tend to benefit the most from these treatments. Those with melesma are likely to see benefits with microderma not found with other treatments, because your easily triggered skin won’t break out or flare up with this type of treatment.  Some individuals with mild acne and discoloration due to acne find some relief with this procedure, while others with acne scarring may find that other, surgical procedures will give them a greater benefit.

What Are The Side Effects?

Microderma is a completely safe procedure, with very few side effects. Most patients can expect to feel tightness in the skin, some redness immediately following the procedure, and increased skin sensitivity. Use of facial creams and liberal use of sunscreen following treatment will help you manage the side effects. It only impacts the top layer of skin, meaning that there is very little risk of any complications.

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