Reasons To Choose Used Thermo Fisher Instruments

In chemistry labs across the world, Thermo Fisher is a highly respected brand with a top range of products to complete multiple types of tests. The use of Thermo Fisher equipment and instruments continues to grow and the company is considered to be a leader in the innovation and manufacturing of scientific equipment.

As an industry leader, the cost of new Thermo Fisher instruments can be an obstacle for many smaller, independent labs. It can also be a challenge for testing facilities for specific industries or for use on campuses and in training facilities.

One option to consider is to choose used Thermo Fisher instruments rather than brand new. Used instruments that are fully refurbished are like new, have a warranty through the refurbishing service and are fully tested and upgraded to the latest standards.

Financing Possibilities

When selecting used Thermo Fisher instruments from a reputable refurbishing company, financing through the company may be a possibility. This allows even a small lab with a very limited budget to upgrade their equipment without having to try to find funding.

Financing is typically offered through a third-party provider specializing in working with funding for equipment and other types of capital assets.

Options and Features

The used Thermo Fisher instruments from top refurbishing services will not be old, outdated equipment. Instead, newer models will be offered that have all functions and features fully operational and tested.

The options on the equipment will be those that are configured by the original purchaser. Some refurbishing companies may be able to help accommodate for different options on modular types of systems.

Take the time to review all the information provided on the Thermo Fisher equipment you are considering. If you don’t see specific information, be sure to follow up with the company and have all the details before you decide if the testing equipment is the best match for your needs.


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