Home Movers in Chattanooga May Cost Less Than You Think

Are you thinking about selling your home and moving into something bigger or smaller? Naturally, the easiest method is to use professional home movers in Chattanooga. Yet, many people are interested in saving money and you can lower your overall costs by doing it yourself. However, moving your entire household without professional assistance may cost more than you think.

Transportation Costs

If you do not use professional home movers in Chattanooga, you’ll need to rent a truck and renting a moving van is not cheap. You can expect to pay as much as a thousand dollars or more for a long distance move. One way moves are more expensive because you are not dropping the truck off at the same location you started from.

You’ll also need to figure in fuel costs. Gas mileage is not good when you have a large vehicle loaded down with cargo. Plus, you may want to take out a loss damage waiver when you rent the truck. It will add to the costs, but you will not be responsible for damages to the vehicle, no matter what.


Just because you have auto and homeowner insurance, does not mean your things are covered while you are on the road. It’s important to talk to your agent, because you may need to take out a separate cargo insurance policy for the move. This protects you against accidents, theft and vandalism.


Parking and backing up a moving truck can be very tricky. If you plan to stay at a motel overnight, it can be real problem getting the truck parked safely. Plus, you may damage your things or even yourself during the process of moving and relocating. When you hire the right home movers in Chattanooga you can enjoy a hassle free experience. Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding.


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