Pruning for the Perfect Tree

When considering adding one or more trees to a property, there are several factors to contemplate. The average adult size of the tree, its needs and the seasonal schedule of appearance and blooming are all things to take into consideration. Another important point to think about is the upkeep necessary for the type of tree, specifically whether it would be best to prune the plant regularly.

Why Prune?    
Though it may seem counterintuitive to someone without landscaping knowledge and experience, tree pruning can be a contributor to overall tree health. In addition to ridding the plant of dead branches, leaves and bark, pruning maintains proper shape and lowers the risk that trees can cause to property owners.

When trees are allowed to grow uninhibited they may interfere with other foliage, as well as putting strain on electrical wiring and other manmade structures. By keeping large trees in check with pruning, these situations can be prevented. This results in less risk of fire, electrical and property damage and other safety hazards that can result from unchecked growth.

Proper Pruning Procedures
Pruning can be helpful to both the tree being cared for and the property upon which it sits. However, overly-heavy pruning can have the opposite effect by stripping the plant of the leaves it requires to generate energy. This can cause undue stress to the tree and even result in shock, which often leads to plant death.

To avoid these scenarios, all tree pruning in Charleston SC should be performed by or under the supervision of a landscaping professional. While some greenhouses and nurseries provide these services – as well as education for tree owners – it is often necessary to consult an independent provider. The key is to think of this as an investment; property owners will find that these professionals’ experience and expertise in the field are worth the price of their services.


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