Myths About Transman Genital Reconstruction

There are many excellent surgical options available for today’s transman. Bottom surgery, also known as genital reconstruction, is perhaps the most controversial of these options. It is also the least commonly performed transition surgery. While many transmen simply prefer not to have bottom surgery, other patients may forgo the procedure due to negative myths they’ve read or heard about in the media or online.

Fortunately, many of these myths are inaccurate. At ICTC, we perform transman bottom surgery using an innovative technique developed by Dr. Peter Raphael, known as the “Centurion Procedure”. Our patients have achieved excellent surgical outcomes with this procedure, and are typically very happy with their results.

One of the most common myths we hear about transman bottom surgery is that patients will experience permanent erectile dysfunction following the procedure. With the Centurion Procedure, Dr. Raphael utilizes the erectile nature of the existing clitoris to form the basis for the neo-phallus, resulting in a functioning penis that is capable of achieving and maintaining erection.

Another myth we hear quite often is that transman bottom surgery results in bladder incontinence. While it’s true that creating the urethra is one of the most challenging aspects of genital reconstruction, the Centurion Procedure was designed to preserve bladder function. Our patients have had excellent outcomes in this area, maintaining continence post-procedure with a fully-functioning male urethra.

Additionally, many patients have heard that genital reconstruction is extremely risky, and that outcomes are usually poor. In the past, risks related to this procedure have included sepsis, necrosis, hemorrhaging, perforation to internal organs, and poor aesthetic outcome. In collaboration with Dr. Alan Munoz, a gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Raphael created the Centurion Procedure specifically to reduce these risks and increase the safety of genital reconstruction.

To learn more about the Centurion Procedure and schedule a confidential consultation, contact the International Center for Transgender Care at (972) 543-2477. We understand that transman bottom surgery is a significant procedure for many patients, and we look forward to assisting you in achieving the very best possible results.


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