A Residential Lawn Service in Estero FL Can Help You Get Rid of Weeds

Even the best-cared for lawns are under siege by common weeds. This is because weed seeds float on the breeze and creeping weeds continue to sneakily expand their territory. Other weeds, which you thought had been pulled, quietly and aggravatingly continue to grow.

Because weeds can be an ongoing issue, it is a good idea to contact a Residential Lawn Service in Estero FL to handle a weed problem. When you have this kind of back-up, weeding becomes a DIY activity of the past. You also have a weed support system in place that monitors your yard against weed spreading and growth.

Identifying Weed Species

In order to make weed defense a simpler process, learn to identify certain weeds so you can communicate their presence to your residential lawn service specialist. Weeds, just like ornamental plants, are classified as perennials or annuals. For example, annual weeds, such as crabgrass, complete their life cycle over a growing season. Unfortunately, before they die, they leave their seeds behind so new plants can re-emerge.

Speaking to a lawn care technician at a company, such as Johnson’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding, Inc., will help you get on top of any weed issue early. For example, dandelions are known as perennial weeds, as they come back year after year. Not only are their roots hard to annihilate, the weeds distribute their seeds as well. More grass-like weeds include such uninviting plants as sedge or broadleaf.

Taking Care of a Weed Problem

A residential lawn service takes care of these pesky intruders by applying a pre-emergent weed control product, or preventer, to keep the uninvited plants from germinating and growing. If the weeds have already emerged, the lawn service applies post-emergent weed controls to kill and get rid of the plants.

Besides weed control products, lawn care companies practice regular lawn care by mowing the grass at the suggested height for the type of lawn grass. By taking this approach, the grass grows more healthily and resists disease and pests. Mowing should be based on grass growth and not the calendar. Therefore, lawn care services time the mowing of a lawn so about one-third of the length of the grass blades are removed in a single cutting.


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