Preparing For Networking Events In NYC

Networking events are a bit like going to a job interview, but without the pressure. They are designed for business professionals and small business owners to meet with each other and to develop links or connections which are mutually beneficial and helpful. To help with these different networking events in NYC, including those at the top B2B and small business tradeshows,  it is important to do a bit of advanced preparation.

Many small business owners simply show up at these networking events in NYC without a plan in place. This can be a mistake and can make networking much more challenging than it needs to be. By preparing in advance, and this isn’t a lengthy preparation, you can come across to others as knowledgeable, sincere and helpful, which is what networking is all about.

What are your Skills, Talents, and Strengths?

When attending networking events in NYC have a good idea of what you are all about. Since a small business owner is typically promoting both themselves as well as their business, this is often very connected.

Knowing what you can help others with and being open about your willingness to provide ideas, meet and talk, or even provide professional support, advice or services will establish your company and your personal brand.

Be a Resource

Getting into the right mindset of being at the networking events in NYC as a way to be a resource for others, rather than just to get something for yourself, will make you more approachable. In addition, when other business owners see you as a person with great ideas, good products or unique services they are more likely to make recommendations and referrals to others.

By establishing yourself as a business leader with the willingness to work with others, you are already building your brand.

A Lasting Takeaway

Think about what you want each person you meet at networking events in NYC to have as a lasting takeaway of your meeting. Of course, having a great business card is always essential, and it should include as much contact information as possible.

Ideally, and at the least, it should include your phone, email and possibly your physical address. The company name and your name should also be prominently displayed on the card as well as any branding logo or image.

Taking a few minutes in preparing for networking events in NYC is time well spent. Developing a quick one minute explanation of your business or service which you can use to highlight what you bring to the table is another way to be prepared to meet and interact with other business professionals in your area.


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